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Sunday, May 22, 2016

National Safe Boating Week
Which Should Be A Daily Thing, Let's Be Honest

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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Best Boating Is Safe Boating
MIASF Celebrates Safe Boating Day

As you know, we're all about safety first and that's because we love being on the water and don't want the experience ruined by easily preventable accidents. So, in honor of National Safe Boating Week, we're proud to sponsor this year's Safe Boating Day (May 22 from 1-4pm) hosted by the Marine Industries Association of South Florida and the Bahia Mar Yachting Center. Read all about it:
Safe Boating Day is aimed at creating awareness of responsible boating and promoting education about boating safety for all ages. The free event will feature live in-water demos, interactive safety displays, expert speakers, fire and other rescue boats and equipment, food trucks and more. 
Participants will include the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, the Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue Marine Team, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Fire Aide, Sea Tow, Fort Lauderdale Police Department, ACR Electronics, Maritime Professional Training, International Crew Training, Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi, Young Professionals in Yachting – Fort Lauderdale, American Boat & Yacht Council and many more.
So, come join us at the Bahia Mar and bring the kids. Fun, food, excitement and education for all!

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Today Is Race Day!
Plywood Regatta 2016 Celebrates 20th Anniversary

It's that time of year again! The Marine Industries Association of South Florida's Plywood Regatta is underway this weekend at Dania Beach Marina. 

What is the Plywood Regatta, you ask?
A maximum of 40 teams of middle school, high school and marine technical school students attempt to build sea-worthy vessels on Saturday, April 9 using simple hand-tools and only the supplied materials of plywood, 3M 5200 fast cure caulk and zip ties. 
Once the boats are complete students paint and decorate their boats. On Sunday, April 10, participants compete in a fun-filled and friendly rivalry when the finished, decorated boats line up and race in a series of heats to determine an event champion. 
All Plywood Regatta proceeds benefit South Florida’s marine industry education programs and the Plywood Regatta Scholarship Fund. The aim of these programs is to encourage marine education and develop students’ interest in the marine industry.
This year, Stanley Yacht Services is proud to sponsor a team of delightful 7th graders from New River Middle School, race name: Tiger Sharks. With Capt Ben as their mentor, they have constructed the fine vessel you see below. 

Follow us throughout the day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more pictures and to see how well the SYS team performs on the water! GO TIGER SHARKS! 

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Wear It! Shares Tips For Spring Boaters
Read This, Mates!

Situations on the water can escalate quickly, and wearing a life jacket not only gives you peace of mind to control an emergency situation but can also save your life, shares the annual boating safety campaign, Wear It!

Life jackets are available in inherently buoyant or inflatable styles. Inflatable life jackets give boaters no more excuses – you will still have mobility and flexibility for water activity while wearing the right gear. Regardless of the life jacket you choose, Wear It!

Please share these safety tips with spring boaters.
  • Prepare your boat by scheduling a vessel safety check with your local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or U.S. Power Squadrons. 
  • Take a safe boating course
  • Know the latest marine weather forecast and dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature. 
  • File a float plan before your trip with someone you trust that includes details about the trip and emergency contacts. 
  • Make sure everyone – even experienced swimmers – wears a properly fitting U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket appropriate for the water activity. 
  • Follow navigation rules, such as maintaining a proper lookout and safe speed. 
  • Never boat under the influence. Alcohol is responsible for 21 percent of boating fatalities. 
  • Keep in touch. Cell phones, satellite phones, emergency position radio beacons, VHF radios and personal locator beacons can all contribute in an emergency. 
  • Don’t panic if you fall into the water. Stay afloat with the help of your life jacket, regain control of your breathing, keep your head above water in vision of rescuers, and stay with the boat if possible.
For more information about the Wear It! campaign, please visit


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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Behold The Finished Product!
SYS Debuts New Look On Work Van

What do you think, mates? We're pretty excited. Proper capper to our 10th Anniversary year-long celebration.
The SYS Capt & Crew are very pleased with the van's new look! Special thanks to JP Cronin and the entire team at...
Posted by Stanley Yacht Services, Inc. on Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thanks To Everyone Who Sat Through It!
Our Very Own Mate Jo Speaking At #IBWSS16

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Leapin': Behold - SYS Van Gets Makeover!

Gone is the boring all-white van we've driven for the past decade. Thanks to the team at FastSigns (Fort Lauderdale), the SYS van is sporting a brand new look. Quite spiffy, we must say. Give us a honk if you see us, mates!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

USCG Rescues Four In Sebastian Inlet
And More Proof: Life Jackets Work, Mates!

As always, we thank the U.S. Coast Guard for all they do. And we're happy to see boaters heeding the advice: Wear It!

Looks like bad news about the boat but we're happy all souls were saved!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coast Guard Panel Investigates El Faro Tragedy
Company Claims Captain Had Sole Responsibility

On Tuesday, the U.S. Coast Guard's Marine Board of Investigation began a 10-day inquiry into the sinking of El Faro off The Bahamas last fall.  The Coast Guard has already determined the crew was adequately trained and the ship had proper safety equipment. The panel's focus now is on whether there is "evidence of misconduct, inattention to duty, negligence or willful violation of the law by licensed or certified individuals."
U.S. Coast Guard hearing probes El Faro sinking in hurricane 
Families of the 33 lost crew members have sued the cargo ship's operator, TOTE Services*, claiming the vessel was not seaworthy. Meanwhile, the Board of Investigation has called into question the scant communication between TOTE and the ship's master, Captain Michael Davidson, during the treacherous voyage into a hurricane. In April, the National Transportation Safety Board will resume efforts to retrieve El Faro's data recorder and maybe we will all get some answers.

We'll be standing by for further updates.


* TOTE Services' CEO testified on Wednesday that TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico is, in fact, the owner of El Faro.

Read more:
Tote CEO tells safety board captains have ultimate say -
El Faro captain sought route change a day before ship sank - CBS News
Ship operator grilled at El Faro disaster hearings -

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

U.S. Coast Guard Approves Official Electronic Charts

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Coast Guard published guidance that allows mariners to use electronic charts and publications instead of paper charts, maps and publications.

The Coast Guard published Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular, NVIC 01-16, on Feb. 5 to provide uniform guidance on what is now considered equivalent to chart and publication carriage requirements.

Image |
Combining the suite of electronic charts from the U.S. hydrographic authorities and the Electronic Charting System standards published this past summer by the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services, the Coast Guard believes official electronic charts provide mariners with a substitute for the traditional official paper charts.

This technology will also allow mariners to take advantage of information and data to enhance situational awareness during voyage planning and while underway.

“After consultation with our Navigation Safety Advisory Committee, the Coast Guard will allow mariners to use official electronic charts instead of paper charts, if they choose to do so. With real-time voyage planning and monitoring information at their fingertips, mariners will no longer have the burden of maintaining a full portfolio of paper charts,” said Capt. Scott J. Smith, the chief of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Navigation Systems.

The new guidance applies to vessels subject to U.S. chart, or map, and publication carriage requirements codified in Titles 33 and 46 CFR and provides a voluntary alternative means to comply with those requirements.

“Mariners have been requesting the recognition of this capability for some time,” said Smith. “When you combine the new expanded Automatic Identification System carriage requirement and the capability that an ECS provides, it should provide a platform to move American waterways into the 21st century.”

“Together, with our industry and international partners, we are leveraging modern technology to contribute to the safety, security and prosperity of our nation,” said Smith.

View NVIC 01-16 at:


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