Stanley Yacht Services: The Disappearance Of An Ocean Beauty Nautlius Faces Extinction

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Disappearance Of An Ocean Beauty
Nautlius Faces Extinction

Every ocean lover is fondly familiar with the mysterious perfection of the spiral-patterned shell known as the Nautilus and it should sadden us all to read the following doom and gloom article about its possible disappearance from our seas:
"Natural selection has a whole new game in town,” said Peter Ward, a nautilus expert at Seattle’s University of Washington. And that game is called: “if you are pretty to a human, you are probably going to die."
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Doomed by their beauty, nautiluses could be headed toward extinction 
What a shame. We hate that this natural treasure has been relegated to "tourist gling-glack" status to such an extent over-harvesting may cause its extinction. We'll certainly do our part to spread the word - indeed, our fearless in-house amateur "artiste", Jo, is working on a drawing to memorialize the beauty of a Nautilus - and we hope you can join us in this and other ocean conservation efforts as well!

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