Stanley Yacht Services: EPIRBs Save Lives But .... You Must Avoid Transmitting False Alarms!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

EPIRBs Save Lives But ....
You Must Avoid Transmitting False Alarms!

The Coast Guard would really appreciate it if you don't accidentally activate your EPIRB. After all, pointless search and rescue efforts are expensive and distract them from doing their real job.

Like, say, for instance, this past Sunday, when Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod launched an MH-60 Jayhawk along with a rescue boat in response to ... well, here ... we'll let them tell you what happened:

Coast Guard responds to false alarm sent by expired beacon in Rhode Island

In the words of Lt. John Mansolillo, command duty officer at the First Coast Guard District command center.
EPIRBs are vital life saving equipment, but when they are not properly maintained, false distress is signaled and unnecessary searches are conducted. Batteries must be removed from EPIRBs when they are decommissioned.
So, please beware, mates. Handle your EPIRBs carefully. Make sure you register them accurately, keep your info current, and take the batteries out when you're no longer using them!

As always, thanks to the United States Coast Guard for all they do.

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