Stanley Yacht Services: Magenta Bends, Does Not Break Team SCA Bests The Bay Of Biscay

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Magenta Bends, Does Not Break
Team SCA Bests The Bay Of Biscay

"The conditions might have been man-breaking but they were not women-breaking." And those triumphant words from Skipper Sam Davies on Thursday morning sum up Team SCA's first Volvo Ocean Race leg victory perfectly.

Leg 8 took the fleet through brutal conditions in the Bay of Biscay - 35 knot winds and 13 foot seas, anyone? - but the ladies braced themselves and braved the onslaught head on (literally). By selecting a more offshore course, the crew of the now world-famous magenta hull secured a dominant lead in the upwind battle and held on to it the rest of the way to Lorient.  

A sweet victory for Team SCA in Lorient - Team SCA in the Volvo Ocean Race 
Congratulations on an outstanding win to everyone on Team SCA! When you say you're going to grab a podium spot, you don't just settle for any old spot, do you? Awesome job and cheers!

Leg 8 Results |
Both runners up on the podium have reason to celebrate in a big way as well. Team Vestas Wind's second place finish marked an amazing return to the race after last year's devastating grounding off Mauritius. And by reaching the French docks third, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing "quietly" secured the title of Volvo Ocean Race Overall Winner, barring any unforeseen penalties or mishaps in the remaining leg! Incroyable!

After a bit of a nail-biting skirmish between the final three, SYS favorite, Team Alvimedica, came in sixth behind Team Brunel with Dongfeng Race Team bringing up the rear.

Congrats to all the sailors - we're glad you're safe and sound after that leg. And now, let's continue the good action with this weekend's In-Port racing.

For smooth sailing and zero stress ... call SYS!

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