Stanley Yacht Services: "Building Boating's Future ... Today!" MIASF Encourages Young Boaters With Plywood Regatta

Friday, April 10, 2015

"Building Boating's Future ... Today!"
MIASF Encourages Young Boaters With Plywood Regatta

When our Capt. Ben first heard about the Plywood Regatta his eyes sparkled. "That's something I would've LOVED to do when I was a kid," he enthused. He then went to his giant chart table and, after a spot of rummaging, unfurled before us a very large drawing of a very seaworthy-looking trawler he designed when he was 8 years old. [We're not allowed to post a pic of his boyhood naval architecture endeavors, he said. In fact, he has since hidden the item.] And so, our desire to support this wonderful annual event undocked and went full throttle. Read all about it:

What IS The Plywood Regatta?

Image via Plywood Regatta
The Marine Industries Association of South Florida founded the Plywood Regatta in 1996.

The Plywood Regatta honors the craft of boat building and the excitement of recreational boating in an effort to continue “Building Boating’s Future … Today!”

A maximum of 40 teams of middle school, high school and marine technical school students will attempt to build sea-worthy vessels on Saturday, April 11 using simple hand-tools and only the supplied materials of plywood, 3M 5200 fast cure caulk and zip ties. Once the boats are complete students will then paint and decorate their boats. On Sunday, April 12, participants will compete in a fun-filled and friendly rivalry when the finished, decorated boats line up and race in a series of heats to determine an event champion.

All Plywood Regatta proceeds benefit South Florida’s marine industry education programs and the Plywood Regatta Scholarship Fund. The aim of these programs is to encourage marine education and develop students’ interest in the marine industry.


We're excited to announce that this year, in celebration of our 10th anniversary and in honor of the late Nick Stanley - one of Fort Lauderdale's first and finest yacht brokers, a gifted yacht designer, and Capt. Ben's beloved father - Stanley Yacht Services is proudly sponsoring the Spirit Award for Most Innovative Design!

The Regatta takes place at Dania Beach Marina and we wish all the young boat builders and racers the best of luck! See you on Sunday - it's sure to be a fun day!

For smooth sailing and zero stress ... call SYS!

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