Stanley Yacht Services: A Ferry Tale Beginning? Catamaran Company Would Offer The Keys To Cuba

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Ferry Tale Beginning?
Catamaran Company Would Offer The Keys To Cuba

A high speed ferry service from the Florida Keys to Havana, Cuba could begin as early as this year.
Ferries to set sail between Florida and Havana for the first time since 1963
It hinges on whether (and how fast) outfits such as CubaKat and Havana Ferry Partners of Fort Lauderdale can get through the red tape.

To begin with, U.S. Customs and other regulatory agencies will have to approve safety measures for ferry operation. Presumably, this would include factors such as the construction, design and capacity limits of the vessels, as well as requirements for emergency equipment, procedures and protocol. Then, according to U.S. Treasury spokeswoman Hagar Chemali, "Ferry service could only occur via a specific license from the Office of Foreign Asset Controls, in consultation with the State Department, and upon approval from the Department of Commerce and Customs and Border Patrol." Finally, Cuba would have to grant the ferries access to its ports.

Nonetheless, would-be ferry operators are optimistic. Assuming all goes according to plan, CubaKat's owner Brian Hall envisions lots of tickets sales for the four hour trip from Marathon to Havana aboard the $6.5 million ferry his company plans to purchase.

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