Stanley Yacht Services: Team Vestas [Second] Wind? Grounded Team Looks To Resume Racing

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Team Vestas [Second] Wind?
Grounded Team Looks To Resume Racing

Even as an independent review panel investigates the events and actions leading up to the grounding of Team Vestas Wind's 65-foot boat halfway through the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, the team's CEO, Morten Albæk, has declared a firm commitment to re-entering the contest. During a recent press call in Abu Dhabi, Albæk described the Danish team's current thought process:
We’ll do everything within our means to make that happen. That said, the assessment from all parties is that the boat can’t be repaired, and therefore one of the options we’re looking into is building a new boat. Whether that can be done, and done in a time which is meaningful for Team Vestas Wind to re-enter the race, is still to be concluded.
During the call, the sailing team's skipper, Chris Nicholson, and navigator, Wouter Verbaak, also reflected on the unfortunate accident, even acknowledging what they could have done differently.

We'll be back

Only time will tell whether Team Vestas can pull off splashing a new boat and we'll have our fingers crossed that whole time. Having faced adversity with pragmatism and poise, they deserve another go. So, cheers to a second wind, lads!
Capt. Ben & Mate Jo

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