Stanley Yacht Services: Will Rescue Balloons Replace Flares?

Friday, November 28, 2014

Will Rescue Balloons Replace Flares?

The answer is, yes, if the inventors of the "Rescue Me Balloon" have their way. Craig Key, Jim Clark and David Gaines have launched a Kickstarter funding campaign to get their brain-child into the hands of boaters and hikers everywhere. Designed to address known obstacles such as forest canopies and variable sea swells, when deployed, the helium-filled balloon would float some 150 feet above the target for better visibility by rescuers.
Forget flares. Next time you're in trouble, send up a balloon - CNET
The trio of entrepreneurs seeks to raise some $100,000 to tweak and enhance the gadget. We have some ideas, for example, having the LED light flash "SOS" in Morse code and/or change colors so it's distinguishable from aircraft and drones in the night sky. Do you have any other suggestions?

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