Stanley Yacht Services: Update From Team AlvimedicaAnd Special Thanks To All The OBRs!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Update From Team Alvimedica
And Special Thanks To All The OBRs!

Amory Ross, OBR Team Alvimedica
Photo | Team Website
Thanks to the steady nerves (and perhaps, iron gut?) of Team Alvimedica's on-board reporter [OBR], Amory Ross, we're privy to brilliant, exciting and often humorous descriptions of life at sea in the middle of the Volvo Ocean Race. The 30-year-old Rhode Island native has a distinct knack for painting pictures with his narrative. Add to that his actual photography and videos and you're basically on deck - without having to get all wet and whatnot.

Catching up on the daily blogs posted by Ross and all the other boats' OBRs has become one of our favorite coffee breaks in the comfort and calm of our galley here in Fort Lauderdale. So, thanks to the OBRs! Keep up the excellent job!

Onboard Alvimedica - November 21

Be sure to visit the team's webpage for regular updates and much more information. And to all the sailors, may the winds be ever in your favor!

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