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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Team Vestas Wind Rescued!

Photo by Brian Carlin / Team Vestas Wind
After last night's harrowing grounding, the Team Vestas Wind crew has been safely rescued after abandoning their ill-fated vessel. Jon Bramley of Volvo Ocean Race provided the latest update:
[A]t around midnight, the team led by skipper Chris Nicholson abandoned the boat and then waded, knee-deep through the sea to a dry spot on the reef from where they could be rescued by a coastguard RIB at daybreak at around 0230 UTC.
They were transported to the tiny islet of Íle du Sud, part of Cargados Carajos Shoals, which is also known as St. Brandon and situated some 430 kilometres to the north-east of Mauritius.

Team Alvimedica, which had suspended racing to stand by in event additional assistance was needed, finally received the call that everyone was OK and, with conflicting emotions, rejoined the rest of the VOR fleet on the way to Abu Dhabi.

In the video below, Will Oxley, Team Alvimedica's Navigator, describes the overnight experience.

We're very relieved all souls are safe on shore. Cheers to Team Alvimedica and everyone involved in the rescue. To Team Vestas Wind - we're so disappointed for you but very, very thankful you're hearty and hale. Chins up, mates!

Warmest regards,
Capt. Ben & Mate Jo

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