Stanley Yacht Services: Here's One Way To Cut Your Yachting Fuel Costs!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here's One Way To Cut Your Yachting Fuel Costs!

Of course, we're talking about using the solar-powered ship that circumnavigated the world! As reported in Luxury Travel Blog:

Behold the power of the sun!

MS Turanor PlanetSolar set sail from the port of Monaco on 27th September 2010 in a bid to become the first solar-powered ship to circumnavigate the globe. On 6th May this year, 587 days and 28 countries later – not to mention 3 oceans, 11 seas and 60,006 kilometres – the PlanetSolar team achieved just that.

We're not sure what the interior accommodations are like but what an amazing feat. We're always intrigued by alternative energy and any way of lowering fuel costs. Obviously, however, we won't be refitting M/Y Freedom to full solar-power anytime soon.

Congrats to the PlanetSolar team!

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