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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Megalodon to the rescue!

And what better way to cap off National Safe Boating Week than with this great rescue report:

Coast Guard, Megalodon cargo vessel rescue mariner 420 miles northeast of Puerto Rico

Thanks to proper safety equipment and protocol, another soul at sea was saved yesterday when the USCG responded to French sailor, Cedric Barriere's EPIRB distress signal.
Coast Guard watchstanders immediately launched an HU-25 Falcon Jet from Air Station Borinquen to search for the distressed sailor. They also conducted an Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) callout to identify and notify vessels transiting in the vicinity of the distress.

The Megalodon, a Marshall Islands flag, 864-foot bulk carrier, was transiting from Colombia to Israel to deliver their cargo when they received the AMVER callout and the Coast Guard’s request for assistance.  The master of the Megalodon responded and diverted to the scene to rescue the distressed sailor.
We're glad Mr. Barriere is safe and sound and, as always, extend our thanks to the USCG for their wonderful service in taking care of all us boaters! And to the Master and crew of Megalodon, well done! It's great to read about the AMVER system's success.

And with all that said, National Safe Boating Week may be over but it's never over. Year round, we must all stay sharp and always focused on the safety of our vessels, passengers and waterways.

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Sonia Rykiel said...

What means SYS!™?

Jo Stanley said...

SYS = Stanley Yacht Services - or Save Your Soul :)

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