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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturdays Are for Snorkeling!

Underway to Carysfort Reef Lighthouse this morning, some of us [OK, it was me] voiced concerns to our Captain that the conditions weren't going to be the best for our clients' snorkeling plans. After all, playful dolphins notwithstanding, we faced 10-12 knot winds out of the southeast throughout the 6 mile cruise, crossed Hawk Channel in choppy 2 foot swells and, as we neared the reef, some 3 footers tossed us about for good measure. But, sure enough, and exactly as our Captain predicted, the sea calmed down the minute we hooked our mooring buoy about 50 yards west of the lighthouse.

With the light breeze, brilliant sunshine and crystal clear waters, our clients and their guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy their swimming and snorkeling, re-boarding the boat with stories of well-mannered barracudas, schools of Blue Tangs and Sergeant Majors, and ... some sort of dotted fish. After a light lunch, we headed back to Key Largo (a much smoother, downwind cruise at about 15 knots) and anchored in Angelfish Creek for a spell, where our sun-kissed passengers each enjoyed a post-snorkel glass of wine.

bon voyage to Carysfort Reef Lighthouse off Key Largo, FL
[click to enlarge]

If you've never been to Carysfort Reef Lighthouse, we recommend going on a day like today, with winds at or below 10 knots and clear skies. The reef hosts a beautiful and healthy array of marine life [did I mention we once saw a Whale Shark there?] and the mooring buoys make it incredibly convenient for boaters to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the water.

Thanks to our clients and their wonderful guests for yet another great boating day! It was indeed our pleasure to crew for you onboard your fine vessel and, as always, you know your SYS Captain and Crew stand ready to cast off the lines and get underway at your bidding!

For smooth sailing and zero stress ... call SYS!™

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