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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flexiteek Training (Day 2): Templating

If you should happen to see a random Scout swim platform lying around with a slightly askew Flexiteek baitwell lid? It's probably Jo's fault. It may be the victim of her very first template.

Day Two at Flexiteek (Pompano, FL)
[click to enlarge]

As you can see from the pictures above, Day Two of our training was another jam-packed session, this time with Flexiteek fabrication frontman, Jesús, at the helm. Thorough as always, Jesús taught us his tried and true templating techniques, using the afore-mentioned Scout platform as a "pretend" project. Then he sent us off to make our own templates and, building on the cutting, welding and bordering skills we learned from Brian yesterday, the class dove headfirst into the daunting task of creating bordered panels on our own.

When we watch (with fascination) the Flexiteek fellows work, they make it all look so easy. Throughout the day, Boston Whaler deck panels, hand-cut and welded to perfection by Armando, seem to magically stack up in front of us, even as some of us struggle to make the proverbial "tenth pass" with a utility knife to cut a single circle for the Scout's hardware. And as busy as the guys are working on "real" projects, they each take the time to check in on our progress, answer our questions and/or correct the errors some of us make. They're a very reassuring bunch, the Flexiteek crew: "You'll be able to make templates as good as this soon," Jesús claims. And the class chuckles, in doubt.

Anyway, when we're finished with our panels for the Scout, we'll post pictures, of course [although, if you're waiting to see Jo's, don't hold your breath (or put on your scuba tank if you do) because it could be a while....] It looks like we'll be templating the swim platform of our own boat tomorrow - with the help of the experts, thank goodness - and we'll be sure to share all the fun with you. So, stay tuned!

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