Stanley Yacht Services: Flexiteek Training (Day 1): Cutting & Welding

Monday, April 18, 2011

Flexiteek Training (Day 1): Cutting & Welding

Wow! What an information-packed day it was! As you may recall, this week we are training at Flexiteek's facility in Pompano, FL, learning as much as possible about the fabrication and installation of their synthetic teak decking. Today, after a tour, orientation and safety briefing with the informative and entertaining Jesús, we learned how to cut and weld and craft borders from the material, all with the skilled guidance of our incredibly patient and pleasant instructor, Brian.

During the morning session, along with our three fellow classmates [they traveled from Jacksonville, FL and Canada!], we learned how to cut and separate ribs of the material and weld them back into place. Then, after lunch (graciously provided by Flexiteek), we dove into the margin-making session, carefully crafting borders to weld to our morning's project.

Thanks to the camaraderie and professionalism of the entire staff, the Flexiteek facility seems like it's a great place to work and it's certainly a treat to receive training from such a talented team. Everyone is so eager to assist and encourage you, even if you boldly weld two pieces together without noticing they're overlapped ... hypothetically speaking, of course. Brian's mantra: "Nothing can't be fixed." [Phew!]

At the end of our training, when we have some more time and our hands are less tired [using a utility knife for several hours is quite a manual work-out!], we'll go into greater detail, but for now, all we can say is this: WE HAD A BLAST [our Captain even managed to wind up on the winning side of a ping-pong table during a lunchtime pick-up game with the guys!] and we can't wait to go back in the morning when we will be trailering our personal boat to Pompano for the templating class! Of course, we'll share pictures and progress with you here and via our Twitter feed, so stay tuned! In the interim, here are some shots from today!

Day One at Flexiteek (Pompano, FL)
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