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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Flex Our Teek!

No, that's not a spelling error. Just our way of happily announcing we'll be attending Flexiteek's on-site training program in Pompano, Florida next month and we're really looking forward to it.

You may recall our previous discussion of environmentally-friendly decking materials. Well, our Captain was so intrigued by the products that, after some further research, we contacted Flexiteek here in Florida and promptly received an invitation from Tom Jacques, President/CEO of Flexiteek Americas, Inc. in Pompano, to visit their facility. After a really informative (and fun) guided tour with Jesús, who has been working there for over 8 years, our interest soared.

We can say this with all objectivity - the material itself is simply lovely. The texture and caulk lines are so authentic-looking, it was hard even for our trained eyes to tell the difference between Flexiteek and actual teak; that is, until we picked up a sample. Flexiteek is so light, our Captain immediately envisioned the benefits of improved fuel efficiency. Add that to the significantly lower costs of the material, installation, maintenance, etc., and you can almost hear the money going back into your yacht budget. And that's a lovely sound, isn't it?

We then met with Tom, who went into further detail, specifically regarding the company's background and the success they are enjoying worldwide. And it's no wonder. With old-growth teak supplies diminishing (along with the number of available teak artisans, it seems) and the pinch of frugality we all feel in this economy, we're certain products such as Flexiteek will become increasingly popular among discerning and environmentally-conscious yacht owners.

So, having completed a tour of the facility, we've signed up for Flexiteek's on-site training to learn, hands-on and from the experts, everything we can about their alternative decking - from how to prepare templates, to building out a design, to on-deck installation. We'll be starting the 3-day program in the middle of April and we'll keep you posted along the way! In the interim, remember ...

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